Customer Assistance

Customer service is our number one priority. We want to make sure you have a positive experience at Memphis International Airport. We know travel can be overwhelming at times. To make life easier at the Airport, our Blue Suede Service is ready to help you, no matter what your question.

Blue Suede Service
Memphis International Airport has a volunteer customer service group called the Blue Suede Service. The Blue Suede Service volunteers can be identified by their white shirts and khaki trousers. They are carrying a clipboard, and wear a blue vest with the Blue Suede Service logo. They will be able to assist you with finding food locations, and help with answers to questions regarding your business needs while in our airport. Our volunteers can connect you to our Language Line translation service which offers access to interpreters in more than 140 languages. If you need translation services, please click here.

Special Needs
Memphis International Airport has approximately 134 accessible parking spaces. These covered spaces are located nearest to the terminal walk-ways and elevators in all of our parking facilities. For additional information about parking please click here.

Wheelchairs are available at two locations for passengers arriving at Memphis International Airport to depart on a flight: curbside check-in and the ticket counter. At curbside, you may notify the Skycap who will inform the airline that a passenger needs assistance. Alternatively, if a passenger can, and wants to, walk to the ticket counter, a wheelchair can be made available at that location. The passenger should inform the airline during the booking process if the passenger needs wheelchair assistance during all segments of the flight and if the passenger cannot use stairs so that arrangements can be made for wheelchairs and/or passenger lifts.

Memphis International Airport has taken steps to ensure access to programs and activities by Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons. We retain ‘Language Line Services’ for its interpreting and translation needs to assist LEP individuals. Employees have ‘I Speak’ cards that list a toll-free number so that the correct interpreter may be found when needed in a timely manner. Our Customer Service Volunteers are also able to assist the traveling public who have language barriers.

All restrooms are fully accessible under ADA policies and are ADA compliant.

If you need assistance, you and the person assisting you may use one of our Family/unisex Restrooms located throughout the terminal and concourses:
-Gate A33 (two restrooms)
-Gate A25 (two restrooms)
-B Baggage Claim (two restrooms)
-Between A & B Ticket Lobbies
-Between B & C Ticket Lobbies
-Beside B Checkpoint – secure side (two restrooms)
-Gate B30 (two restrooms)
-Gate B22 (two restrooms)
-Gate C8 (two restrooms)
-Gate C16 (two restrooms)

(Refer to the “You Are Here” Directories/Maps posted on walls throughout the Terminal.)

TTD/TTY telephones are located throughout the Airport and are clearly listed on the Airport “You Are Here” directories.

For ADA grievance procedures please click here.

Service Animal Relief Areas

Travelling with Children
The Transportation Security Administration has established a family-friendly / medical liquids lane at security checkpoint B. This is a dedicated lane for passengers who required additional assistance while going through security.

All of the restrooms at Memphis International Airport are equipped with baby change facilities. The Blue Suede Service will also be able to help with any questions or concerns.

Most children love travelling – the excitement of the planes, heading off to new locations. Unfortunately, they usually are not so keen on sitting still for long periods of time. We have put together some tips to help make your trip smoother.

Be prepared
Keep all of your travel documents in one easy-to-reach place. Be aware of carry-on restrictions and decide whether you need to carry the stroller or check it into the hold. Remember coats and shoes will need to be removed at security – slip on shoes for both you and your child will help speed up the process.

Stick to Your Routine
Schedules are important for babies and young children. Consider booking your flight to coincide with their nap time.

Plan Some Rest Time
If you're travelling with a partner, consider booking seats apart so you can take turns sitting with the children. This is especially helpful on longer flights or red eyes.

Allow extra time
It will take longer to get around the airport if you are carrying or walking with youngsters.

Bring a variety of toys but don't hand them all out at once. Use different toys throughout the journey to keep children engaged. Also, inexpensive portable DVD players are a good way to keep children entertained throughout the flight.

Lost and Found
If you left an item at a security checkpoint, please call the local Transportation Security Administration (TSA) office at (901) 348-5400 or 5413 from within the Airport. TSA is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For the TSA main number call: 1-866-289-9673.

For any items left on a plane or in the gate area, please contact your airline directly.

For all other lost and found inquiries contact the Memphis Airport Police at (901) 922-8298 or send an e-mail to

The Dorothy L. Bobbitt Health Station is open to the traveling public, as well as all Airport employees for illnesses, minor injuries, accidents and any emergencies that may occur. A registered nurse is available daily, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. This Health Station is affiliated with the University of Tennessee. The Health Station is located in Terminal B (outside security).

Service Animals/Pets

"Service Animals" are permitted inside the terminal for appropriate purposes when properly restrained by a leash or harness.

Other animals (pets) which are to be transported by air must be confined in their approved travel containers while inside the airport building. Outside the building they must be restrained by a leash or confined in a manner to be under control, such as in their travel containers.

As a reminder, please check with your airline about their specific criteria for accepting pets for travel.

Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) inside the Terminal/Concourses are located:

-Beside B Checkpoint – secure side
-Gate B11
-Gate B30

Our outdoor pet / "service animal" relief areas are located:

-Baggage Claim/Ground Level – grassy area to left after exiting Terminal A
-Baggage Claim/Ground Level – grassy area to right after exiting Terminal C

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
Memphis International Airport has 25 AEDs that are connected to the alarm systems and are installed in the three concourses here at the Airport. There are additional AEDs under the control of Airport Staff located in the following areas:
• Police - Communications
• Operations - Health Station

Memphis International Airport has an on-Airport Memphis Fire Department ambulance. Also, there are numerous trauma kits located throughout the Airport.