Memphis International Airport Notes

February 2012

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Terminal B Checkpoint Transformation Nearing Completion

This spring, the Airport’s Terminal B security checkpoint will unfold into a more passenger-friendly, updated, greatly expanded and visually appealing area.

The security checkpoint will be more than double its previous size and capacity, and will have a much more efficient flow for screening air travelers before their flights. 

The addition of an escalator at the concourse exit will provide a new, more direct route to baggage claim B, allowing passengers to avoid congestion in the ticket lobby.

A clerestory, an architectural element occurring between two roof surfaces, will completely transform the appearance and define the 4-way passenger intersection of the B checkpoint , B concourse, and walkways to A & C concourses by spatially opening the area above and introducing outside light to the interior space. 

The change of appearance will be every bit as dramatic as the addition of the Rotunda was to the B concourse when the Airport’s concessions were renovated several years ago.

The style of the clerestory will reflect the same iconic champagne glass appearance of the original terminal lobby architecture, giving the busy concourse intersection a lighter and more spacious feel.

The architectural team for the project is Horrell – Self Tucker Joint Venture.

Artist renderings of the clerestory show how it will complement the existing airport architecture, while making the process of security and passing from concourse B to baggage claim more convenient.

An aerial representation of the clerestory.

A cross-section view of the improvements.

A drawing of the exit lane from concourse B, offering arriving passengers the option of going into the terminal lobby or bypassing the lobby via a new escalator directly to baggage claim. | Click here to unsubscribe.
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