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August 2012

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Ramp Reconstruction Project in Full Swing

Phase 1 of a five-phase, $90-million project to reconstruct the concrete, aircraft-parking ramp that surrounds passenger terminal concourses A, B and C at Memphis International Airport is well underway. Phase 1, (the courtyard between B and C concourses) is scheduled to be completed by January 31, 2013, with all five phases expected to be completed in approximately three years.

The full project includes the demolition and removal of approximately 350,000 square yards of concrete and base material that is 40-50 years old and must be replaced, having served its useful life.

Also included in the project will be the replacement of underground utilities such as hydrant fueling, storm drainage, underdrains, and water lines.

The photograph shows the excavation and grading of the courtyard in progress between concourses B and C (Phase 1). The dirt in the center portion of the work area was removed and processed with lime to dry it out and compact it before it was put back down. The dirt areas close to the building are yet to be removed and processed since that is where the utilities that are being replaced are located.

In addition to recycling all of the dirt, the concrete that is removed will also be recycled by crushing it to a useable aggregate size for pavement base material and for pipe bedding and backfill material in the utility trenches. Also, all rebar and pipes that are removed will be recycled for scrap.

The new concrete pavement will be 18 inches thick, poured over 22 inches of new base material.

While the aircraft parking gates will be temporarily relocated to accommodate the work as it progresses, there will be essentially no impact to passengers.

Parsons Inc. is the project manager; the Pickering Firm Inc. is the lead design firm; and APAC Tennessee, Inc. is the general contractor for the project. | Click here to unsubscribe.
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