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August 2012

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American Airlines Launches Checked-Baggage Delivery Service

American Airlines has launched a new baggage delivery service that will allow its customers the option of bypassing the baggage-claim carousels and heading straight out the airport door to their destinations after landing. Customers can have their checked baggage delivered to their offices, homes, hotels or wherever their final destinations may be. Passengers can even have their golf clubs delivered directly to the golf course.

The service is available seven days a week, including holidays, at more than 200 U.S. domestic airports (including Memphis International Airport) and at select international pre-clearance cities.

To take advantage of this new service, you must book your flight on, and then, up to two hours prior to departure, you can click on 'View Itinerary' to have the option of buying this service. The cost is $29.95 for 1 bag, $39.95 for 2 bags, and $49.95 for 3 to 10 bags.

When you check in for your flight, a special indicator will be printed on your bag tag to help the delivery representatives correctly identify your luggage and quickly get it to its final delivery destination. The luggage travels along with you on your flight, but you won't see it until you arrive at the designated delivery location. If the delivery location is within 40 miles of the airport, your luggage will arrive within one to four hours. For customers requesting luggage delivery between 41 and 100 miles from the airport, there will be an additional $1 per mile charge and an estimated delivery time between four and six hours.

The price for this VIP Luggage Delivery Service is in addition to any applicable baggage fees that need to be paid to American Airlines at the airport during check-in.

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