Memphis International Airport Notes

June 2011

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Flood Damaged DeWitt Spain Airport
to Re-open

General DeWitt Spain Airport, one of two general aviation (non-commercial) airports owned and operated by the Airport Authority will re-open for aircraft operations in the next two months.

Airport tenants were evacuated as a precaution prior to the historic flooding of the Mississippi River last month. While the existing levees on the west (Mississippi River side) and the north side of the airport were not breached, a temporary levee built on the east side of the airport (on top of Second Street) where the airport was most vulnerable was breached. At the flood’s peak, one of the lowest positioned hangars had 12’ of water inside, the runway had up to 10’ covering it and the terminal building had over 5’ inside.

When re-opened to aircraft, aviation fuel services will resume. Temporary offices and restrooms will be provided in a trailer until the terminal and adjacent building areas are reconstructed. That work will take an estimated six months to complete. Downtown Aviation, the airport’s flight school, plans to return as soon as their service center hangar is cleared for occupancy.

Photos of DeWitt Spain Airport taken on 5/9/11, a couple of days before the Mississippi River crested.

Photo of DeWitt Spain Airport taken on 6/11/11, with the water receded. | Click here to unsubscribe.
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