Memphis International Airport Notes

February 2011

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Chilean Miner Arrives at MEM
for Elvis’ Birthday

Known globally now as a major Elvis fan, Chilean miner Edison Pena landed at Memphis International last month on an all expense paid trip to Memphis for Elvis Presley’s birthday celebration. Edison was one of 33 miners rescued last October after being trapped underground for 69 days. During the long ordeal, Edison, a self-described major Elvis fan, asked for Elvis music to be sent into the mine so the trapped workers could have sing-alongs and keep their spirits up.

Upon his landing at Memphis International, Edison was greeted by Graceland’s Welcome Wagon hosts and posed for photos with a Delta Air Lines flight crew.

He then stopped by the Airport’s Elvis store for a look at all the great Elvis-themed merchandise.

Graceland and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau gave him the all expense paid trip, with airfare provided by Delta Air Lines.

While in Memphis, Edison took part in several birthday celebration events, including cutting the cake during the Elvis Presley Day ceremony at Graceland.

He also experienced other highlights of Memphis, such as attending a Grizzlies basketball game, visiting the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, and touring and recording at Sun Studio.

Following his visit to Memphis , Edison was flown to Las Vegas to see the new hit Cirque du Soleil show Viva ELVIS.

Photo by: Robert W. Dye
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