Memphis International Airport Notes

October 2010

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MEM’s First Full Body Scanner Installed

The Transportation Security Administration has installed the first Advanced Imaging Technology device at the Terminal A security checkpoint, replacing the older technology magnetometers that only scanned passengers for concealed prohibited items made of metallic materials.

The advanced imaging technology is designed to bolster security by safely screening passengers for both metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives and other objects that might be concealed under layers of clothing. It strengthens TSA’s ability to protect the air traveling public in the face of evolving threats to aviation security.

The scanner produces a full-body image but the TSA ensures passenger privacy through the anonymity of the images – a privacy filter is applied to blur all images. The agent viewing the image is in a remote and secure location preventing any contact with the passengers being screened. And, once viewed, the images are immediately and permanently deleted. Passengers may opt for a full pat down screening in lieu of the full-body scan. Also, to reduce the need for additional screenings, passengers should empty their pockets of all objects, even paper.

The amount of radiation from the scan is safe for everyone and thousands times less than what is emitted from a cell phone.

Terminal C and the International Arrivals area will receive a unit next, followed by a couple more at the Terminal B Checkpoint. B Checkpoint should receive more once the checkpoint’s renovation and expansion has been completed. Enhanced technology for screening carry-on items was installed some time ago.

See TSA’s instructional/educational video on the Advanced Imaging Technology screening process here.
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