Memphis International Airport Notes

October 2010

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Delta Offering Flight Booking
Thru Facebook

Delta Air Lines is leading the pack on the social media front by being the first airline to offer flight bookings through the Facebook internet networking site. With customers spending so much time online, this gives them a new way to connect. According to Delta, Facebook is the most used website by Inflight WiFi users on their flights.

Delta’s Ticket Window allows any of Facebook’s 500 million users to complete a full travel booking using a dedicated “tab” at without navigating to Then, with a simple click, you can share your travel plans with selected friends.

Delta plans to expand its Ticket Window to other sites, including online banner ads to allow full booking capabilities within the airline’s advertisements.

Ticket Window and Delta’s newly designed website homepage are the first indications of their planned transformation in customer-facing technology. Next, they will launch a new iPhone application to offer customers the ability to check-in for flights, check flight status, review flight schedules, set a parking reminder, review SkyMiles account balances and use eBoarding passes (in select cities) directly from their mobile devices. Future releases of the app will enable customers to book flights, select their seats and track their Medallion status and other features that will streamline customer real-time travel experiences.
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