Memphis International Airport Notes

February 2010

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Delta Granted Single Operating Certificate

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted final authorization for a single operating certificate to Delta Air Lines, clearing the way for the final details of its merger with Northwest Airlines.

The certificate allows the two airlines to use a single carrier code and combine operations. Delta will be able to fully function as a single airline which will enhance the customer experience by consolidating all former Northwest tickets and flights into Delta flights, eliminating any potential for customer confusion.

The certificate means the FAA has decided the merged airline can safely operate under unified safety procedures, training, maintenance operations, flight dispatch systems, computer systems and manuals.

Over the last two years Delta has blended frequent-flier programs, repainted most of Northwest’s planes, outfitted Northwest employees with Delta uniforms and allowed customers to book flights from either Web site. Northwest’s Web site,, automatically directs customers to Delta’s Web site, Delta and Northwest pilots will be trained on each other’s aircraft and will be able to share a single cockpit, and the airline will gain full flexibility to schedule planes and routes from the two carriers interchangeably.
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