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April 2010

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Memphis International Sees Increase in Security Requirements

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded the use of Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) technology at airports nation-wide in order to provide additional security.

Passengers will see an increase in the random use of ETD technology at airports across the nation within security checkpoints, checkpoint queues and boarding areas. TSA officers will randomly swab passengers’ hands or luggage and then place the swab inside the ETD unit, which then analyzes the swab for potential explosive residue. Screening swabs are disposed of after each use for health purposes.

According to the TSA Acting Administrator Gale Rossides, ETD technology is a vital tool in the TSA’s mission to stay ahead of developing threats to aviation security, and the expansion of ETD technology at checkpoints and departure gates increases security’s ability to keep travelers safe.

After the attempted attack on Christmas Day, TSA began increasing the use of ETD technology at security checkpoints to monitor passengers’ hands and carry-on baggage. ETD testing at Memphis International Airport began at the end of February. Passengers so far at Memphis have not seen an increase in waiting times.

Since the screenings are conducted on a random basis, passengers will encounter a variety of security experiences at different airports or each time they travel.

Travelers flying on international flights inbound to the U.S. should allow additional time to pass through screenings, as new security measures have been implemented by the TSA for these flights. Time to get through security varies with each departure city, so checking with the airline or airport the day before departure is a suggested precaution.

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