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October 2009

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FedEx Express’ First Boeing 777 Freighter Arrives in Memphis

International express shipping just got even faster with the arrival of FedEx Express’ first Boeing 777 Freighter (777F) in Memphis. The 777F has a flight range of 6,675 land miles, which is the longest of any two-engine freighter, with a payload capacity of 215,000 pounds. The 777F’s flight range enables FedEx Express to fly between major markets and hubs in Asia, Europe and the U.S. carrying more freight and in less time.

According to FedEx Express, the freighter delivers significant environmental benefits and efficiencies:

Uses 18 percent less fuel than an MD-11

State-of-the-art engine technology reduces emissions 18 percent

Advanced noise-reduction technology meets airport noise standards and makes landings and take-offs quieter

Has lower maintenance and operating costs than other aircraft in its class

The arrival of the 777F further solidifies Memphis’ position as America’s Aerotropolis because it increases connectivity, efficiency and reduces shipping time to and from locations around the globe. Memphis will see an increase in cargo coming directly from Asia without the need to stop to refuel.

FedEx Express plans to have four 777Fs serving routes between Asia and the U.S. by April 2010. The number of 777Fs in the company’s fleet will increase to 15 by the end of fiscal 2014; while a second order of 15 777Fs will be delivered between 2014 and 2019.

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