Memphis International Airport Notes

February 2009

New Vending Machine Helps Passengers Learn the Language of their Destinations

Passengers flying through Memphis International Airport can now purchase Rosetta Stone, an interactive foreign language learning software from one of the newly installed ZoomShops, an upscale vending machine that offers high-end branded consumer products.
The machine is installed in Concourse B, near gate 1.

Rosetta Stone features Dynamic Immersion, which lets you live a language while learning it. Software for nine languages is offered from the machine including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese Chinese, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. The packages include CD Rom software for both Windows and Mac, headset with microphone and a userís guide.

The lessons can also be loaded onto an mp3 player. If you donít have an mp3 player, you can purchase one at the other ZoomShop vending machine. The iPod vending machine sells iPods, cases, batteries, power adaptors, a selection of earphones, portable speakers, and other mobile accessories. It too, is located in Concourse B, near
gate 1.

The machines take credit or debit cards.
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