Memphis International Airport Notes

December 2009

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City Will Fund Landscape Master Plan
to Improve Front Door To the Region

Plough Boulevard, the main corridor from the Airport into the Memphis Region is about to receive an extreme makeover, thanks to a $1.6 million investment by the City of Memphis in a Landscape Master Plan. The Plough Boulevard Master Plan was initiated by the Aerotropolis Gateways and Beautification Committee as its first priority project for furthering the Aerotropolis Plan – an effort to expand the Memphis passenger and cargo hubs as a world-class business access anchor.

The Airport is the front door to the community and Plough Boulevard is the main corridor used by business visitors and tourists arriving and departing Memphis International Airport. The improvements are designed to give these visitors a positive first impression of the Memphis community. About 13 million vehicles travel this route annually. The plan includes trees, flowers, an irrigation system and “Welcome to Memphis” features. Work should begin next spring and be completed over the next several years.

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