Memphis International Airport Notes

April 2009

Air Cargo World Ranks Memphis International Airport No. 1

Memphis International Airport continued its domination of air cargo in March, when it was named by Air Cargo World magazine as the No. 1 cargo airport in North America in the publicationís annual survey. Not only did Memphis International outscore all other airports in North America, it received the highest score globally across every category.

The survey measures carriers and airports on specific criteria and applies rankings to identify above or below average performance. Airports are rated by airlines on performance, value, facilities and regulatory operations.

Memphis International had the top score in the 1 million or more metric tons a year category in each of the four criteria. The Airport earned a score of 115 in performance, 114 in value, 120 in facilities and 121 in operations, for an overall score of 117.

Memphis beat out Anchorage, Alaska, which placed second in the category with an overall score of 106.5. The closest competitor in all the other categories was Stockholm, which scored a 116.9 in the smallest European category.

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Memphis International No. 1 for air cargo.
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