Memphis International Airport Notes

October / November 2008

Wine Anyone?

Memphis City Blues, a new wine and drink bar, will soon be opening in the B-concourse near gate B-5. Passengers traveling through Memphis International Airport will be able to relax and choose from a wide variety of wines while waiting for their flight. The bar will seat approximately 25 people. A special wine dispenser will be used to preserve the wine.

The wine bar will serve several appetizers such as classic shrimp cocktail, artichoke dip, panini sandwiches, tomato buschette and a variety of cheeses with tasty breads and grapes.

DNC is the concessionaire running the wine bar. It will be decorated in keeping with the overall Memphis music theme which runs throughout the Airport's concession program.

However, the new wine bar is not the only new concession landing at the airport. ZOOM, a vending machine that sells higher-end electronics such as digital cameras, IPods and other name brand MP3 portable music players and accessories like ear buds and carrying cases will soon be arriving near gate B-1. The new vending machine will allow passengers to pick up a last minute gift for loved ones.

Proposed concept. Final design may be different.

Travelers who need small electronic accessories can purchase them at Hudson Gifts and News' stand-alone Technical Kiosk in the B concourse which will be opening later this year. The kiosk will sell the type of electronic components that travelers often accidentally leave at home or lose while traveling. The types of items the kiosk will sell include cell phone chargers, rechargeable batteries, laptop computer accessories, flash drives and memory cards.
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