Memphis International Airport Notes

June / July 2008

Delta CEO Comes to Memphis to
Discuss Merger

Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Airlines, was in Memphis on Thursday, June 12, to meet with local business leaders and talk about the merger between Delta and Northwest.

Anderson reiterated to the group that Memphis will remain a hub and that the combination of the two airlines' route networks will provide greater opportunity for future growth in air service from Memphis International. His discussion expanded upon the positive impact the merger will have not only on Memphis, but throughout Tennessee, the Mid-South Region, and the country as a whole. The merged airline will be a stronger, U.S.-based carrier, flying to more than 390 global destinations, providing more access to more cities around the world than any other carrier.

As a tool to provide additional information about the merger and its global impact, Delta has launched a new Web site,, to provide news, updates and information on how it impacts individual states. People have the opportunity to sign up to receive e-mail updates.

Delta Northwest Merger
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