Memphis International Airport Notes

February 2008

What does the Future Hold for Memphis International Airport?

The groundbreaking of the new air traffic control tower signifies the FAA's confidence in the continued growth of Memphis International Airport. There has been a lot of speculation in the media recently about a merger between Northwest and Delta and how it will affect Memphis. Regardless of what happens between the two airlines, there will be no immediate changes at Memphis International. However, experts believe that Memphis' central location and its meteoric rise as the country's newest manufacturing center, its moderate climate, and the airport's operational efficiency and low costs are prevailing reasons that the hub should remain.

Even if Delta and Northwest do merge, and changes are announced to the usage at Memphis International, no changes will be made to service at the Airport for at least 18 months following any announcement. This is the typical length of time it takes for all the initial announcements to be approved and any changes made. Passengers using Memphis International can continue to make travel and vacation plans as they normally would, without worrying about any potential merger upsetting their plans in the foreseeable future. People can continue to book flights out of Memphis with confidence.

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