Memphis International Airport Notes

December 2008

New Family Travel Security Lane Makes Holiday Travel Even Easier

Before You Come to the Airport:

Pack Carefully – Check the web site for prohibited items.

Remember your photo ID. Check with your Airline regarding number of allowed pieces of luggage and the cost for checked bags. Carry-on bags must fit under seat in front of you or in the overhead bin; these spaces vary according to size of aircraft.

Keep your valuable items with you; place your medicine, jewelry, cameras, and other valuables in your carry-on baggage.

Do not carry wrapped gifts.

Tag all baggage inside and out. Outside tag should include name, street & email address, and phone number. Inside tag should include same info with the addition of itinerary and destination contact info.

Leave your baggage unlocked for security inspection.

Check-in For Flight Online — Check-in for your flights up to 24 hours prior to departure using your airline’s web site.

Allow Plenty of Time. Anticipate possible slowdowns caused by weather, heavy traffic, crowded parking lots, and busy ticket counters and security checkpoints. Airlines recommend passengers arrive a minimum of 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

At The Airport

Drive Carefully. Observe the speed limit and pay attention to signage.

Use Curbside Check-in — Check with your Airline to see if available.

Choose Parking Location Carefully – Short Term (30 minutes free) for quick goodbyes or meeting your party in baggage claim and Long Term for overnight parking. Write down the row number of where you park. For vehicle assistance with battery boost, tire inflation or locating lost vehicle, contact the Parking Supervisor located in building next to parking exit / payment booths. If you are picking someone up from the Airport, please use our cell phone lot and wait for your party to call you before proceeding to baggage claim.
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