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August / September 2008

Larry Cox is Leading the Energy Task Force to Fight Rising Fuel Costs

Larry Cox, president and CEO of Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority has taken an active role in addressing the air service challenges caused by escalating fuel costs. Cox approached the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) with his concerns about the negative impact fuel costs are having on the financial viability of airlines and the Memphis economy, where one in four jobs are indirectly related to the Airport.

After meeting with Cox, AAAE has formed an energy task force which met for the first time on July 9 in Washington. Cox is an integral member of the team, as well as MSCAA chief financial officer Scott Brockman. At the July 9 meeting, the task force determined they must develop a position for AAAE to partner with other aviation industry groups and make consolidated recommendations for a national energy policy, a national air service policy and short term policies the government can pursue.

There are two main actions the task force would like to see come to fruition. The first is to persuade Congress to pass legislation to bring transparency to oil speculation and to take actions to reduce the results of speculation. The second is a longer term goal of convincing the federal government to develop a Federal Energy Policy to increase the drilling in this country, focus on conservation measures, and develop and promote alternative renewable energy sources.

The Secretary of Transportation, a senior member of the U.S. Senate, congressional staff and other top-level aviation industry personnel attended the meeting. Cox hopes the energy task force's recommendations are acted upon. He wants to reduce the impact rising fuel costs could have on Memphis International and one of its most valuable assets, FedEx.

Larry Cox

Larry D. Cox, President and CEO, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
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