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April / May 2008

Design Underway For New 7-Level Parking Garage

A new long-term parking garage is in the first phase of a two-phase project. The 7-level structure, which includes an underground level, will be located north of the existing garage where the current surface parking lots A & B are located. About 4,000 new spaces will be created in Phase I, with an additional 2,500 spaces planned in a future Phase II.

The parking garage will present a new "Front Door" to the airport for travelers approaching in vehicles. The landmark terminal fašade will remain an iconic image for pedestrians approaching via a new canopy-covered moving walkway that will minimize the walking distance between the garage and the terminal building. A glass-backed elevator on the south side of the new garage will give visitors their first view of the terminal's architecturally acclaimed design. Along the way, the enlarging view of the terminal will be framed by beautiful landscaping, and hardscaping such as benches and water-features. Specialty lighting, artistic treatments, signs and graphical wayfinding will be used to reflect Memphis' unique culture, ultimately enhancing the overall Airport experience and making the travel from car to plane a pleasant trip.

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Preliminary concepts - subject to change.

Phase I, a $70 million project, and the Pedestrian Corridor, an additional $11 million, should take about two years to complete. Design should be complete by year-end with construction expected to begin next spring.

Walker Parking Consultants is the prime designer for the project. The company will use local firms Looney Ricks Kiss as design architects, Self Tucker Architects as production architects, and Ritchie Smith & Associates as landscape architects.

Phase I is underway for 7 level long-term parking garage. Designs are subject to change.
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