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October 2007

Tennessee Air National Guard Update

The relocation of the Tennessee Air National Guard is progressing smoothly and is still on schedule for completion in September 2008. A significant milestone was met on September 13, when the last high bay roof truss on the hangars was set in place. All the big pieces of the development are now in place and construction can move ahead much quicker… more »

The 140,000 square yard concrete ramp is complete. The ramp is large enough to park six C-5s and eventually can be expanded to park an additional four aircraft.

The three hangar shells are up and the exterior walls are in progress. Each hangar can park one C-5 aircraft. Other buildings in the 108-acre complex have been started and are in various stages of completion. These buildings include Squad Operations, Administration, Maintenance Supply, Industrial and Civil Engineering Complex and the base Fire Station.

The tops on the two jet fuel storage tanks are now complete and the fuel pumping system is in place.

Tennessee Air National Guard Complex
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