Memphis International Airport Notes

June 2007

Delta Exits Bankruptcy With New Look; Focus on Customer Satisfaction

On April 30, Delta Airlines emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy positioned to be a top-level performer both financially and operationally. The re-structured airline plans to compete around the world with a focus on the customer experience, a best-in-class cost structure and balance sheet, a diversified global network and a workforce with a substantial stake in the company's future.

As part of an effort to show-off the revamped airline, Delta has redesigned its logo. Now passengers will see a three-dimensional red logo instead of the old red and blue color scheme. Over the next four years, Delta will change the livery on all of its aircraft tails to the new red logo flying across a blue background.


Delta has spent the last 19 months restructuring internally. Rather than just cutting costs, the airline used the Chapter 11 process to transform every aspect of business to create a more streamlined, efficient organization. Delta's operational improvements have focused on enhancing the customer experience and the airline has added more than 60 new international routes. The additional routes enable Delta to fly passengers to more destinations than any other airline, making it the leading carrier between the U.S. and trans-Atlantic destinations.

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