Memphis International Airport Notes

August 2007

New Lighting Makes Baggage Claim a
More Attractive Place

In an effort to continue to increase customer satisfaction, the Memphis International Airport is undergoing a renovation of the ceiling tiles and lighting systems in the lobbies of Baggage Claims A, B and C as well as color-coding the Baggage Claim signs.

Work is nearing completion on the project in all three Baggage Claims with the majority of the work still in progress in Baggage Claim B to remove the dated 1960s look. Passengers will experience a brighter, more modern claim area. The new lights are fluorescent, which not only give the building a newer look, but are brighter, cleaner and make the area more user friendly. Once completed, Baggage Claim A will be color-coded green, Baggage Claim B will be blue and Baggage Claim C will be red.

The whole project is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year. The upgrade project, which was started last year, will cost approximately $450,000. Last year, the lighting in the Airport's ticket lobby was upgraded to new Illuminaire fixtures. The new fixtures allowed the Airport to preserve the architectural integrity of the lobbies while significantly reducing energy costs.
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