Memphis International Airport Notes

April 2007

New Inbound Roadway Scheduled for Completion in November

Visitors to the Memphis International Airport have seen a lot of construction going on in recent months. Last October construction began on the new Inbound Roadway System. Construction is progressing swiftly and is on schedule for completion in November.

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The new inbound roadway will have three lanes and will be located to the west of the current two-lane system. The new route will eliminate the traffic signal and intersection, making the trip to the terminal more convenient for immediate dropping-off and picking-up of passengers. Construction workers are currently working on the grade separation which is the linchpin of the roadway project. This will be an underpass below the new three-lane inbound road for drivers exiting the Airport from Parking Lot C or the Radisson Inn.

A variety of improvements in parking have been made. Public Parking Lot C, the surface lot on the west side of the Airport, has been completely resurfaced and has new fencing and landscaping. The parking expansion for the Radisson Inn Airport also is nearing completion.

The Airport's new Cell Phone Parking Lot is expected to be complete and open by the end of May. Drivers who come to the Airport to pick up arriving passengers and who don't want to circle the Airport's drive, or park and come inside to greet the arriving party, may wait in the Cell Phone Parking for arriving passengers to call when they are ready to be picked up in front of the terminal.
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