Memphis International Airport Notes

April 2007

Blue Suede Service Helps Passengers Around the Airport

Don't know the way to your gate? Want to know where the Blue Note Café is or where you can pick-up a last minute gift? The Blue Suede Service can answer these questions and much more.

The Blue Suede Service is a volunteer group primarily made up from retired Air Transportation personnel. These volunteers have backgrounds as flight attendants, pilots, ticket counter employees, station managers and even as high-level executives. The Blue Suede Service volunteers have a wealth of aviation knowledge and expertise and can be seen roaming the Airport looking for passengers to help.

Blue Suede Service

The Blue Suede Service volunteers can be easily identified around the Airport by their navy blue vests, white shirts, khaki pants and a familiar blue clip board with the Blue Suede Service logo. They are there to act as valuable resources for passengers, directing them to concessions, gates, restrooms and baggage claim. No matter what your question, they can help.

Some of the volunteers have been members of the Blue Suede Service since the group was formed six years ago. These men and women volunteer on average two to three hours a week and have been such familiar faces at the Airport that passengers now seek them out for information and conversation. Three of the volunteers are bilingual and often will assist passengers at the International gate area.

So, the next time you are at the Airport and have a question, look for the Blue Suede Service. You can find them in the high traffic crossover points between the terminals and in the rotunda.

Blue Suede Service
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