Memphis International Airport Notes

October/November 2006

New TSA Equipment

Memphis International Airport is undergoing one of its largest ever security upgrades. Security checkpoints are being redesigned and refurbished during the next few months with some of the most advanced security technologies in the country. Baggage screening operations will also have new advanced technologies installed which will greatly enhance security capabilities. All of this will result in a safer, more secure, less invasive and more expedited experience for passengers.

Eleven CT-80 Explosive Detection System units will be installed. These machines are designed to detect explosives in baggage and are state-of-the-art machines which provide a less intrusive but extremely thorough screening of baggage.

In the next few months, passengers will see new machines at security checkpoints. Memphis International is installing four IONSCAN Trace Portal or "puffer" machines which detect explosive residue. This less intrusive secondary screening procedure will help reduce the number of "pat-down" searches at security and will also reduce wait times.


Travelers selected for secondary screening will be asked to step into a walk-through portal at the checkpoint. They will stand still for a few seconds while air is puffed onto them. The machine then collects and analyzes the air for traces of explosives. A computerized voice will tell the passengers when they can continue. The new equipment is just one layer of a complex web of security measures implemented at Memphis International to ensure the security of passengers.


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