Memphis International Airport Notes

October/November 2006

New Cargo Central Reflects Memphis International's Position as Cargo Leader

Memphis International is the world's busiest airport. In order to continue its position as the cargo leader, new facilities are being built at the Airport. One of the biggest of these facilities is Cargo Central.

This on-airport facility will provide quick access via the new taxiway "P" and is designed to Group VI standards (the largest aircraft group). It also will feature direct access to off-airport roadway systems.

Designed in five phases, once built out, Cargo Central will have 1.5 million square feet of ramp area. During Phase I a 36,000 square feet building will be erected. The building is scheduled to be finished summer 2007. Each subsequent phase can add 61,500 square feet to the building. All critical needs, such as high security, cold storage, hazardous materials storage will be offered, along with business friendly lobbies, reception areas, front office administration and management spaces.

Site Plan

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The new ramp is already under construction as part of Phase I. The 750,000 square foot ramp will be ready by December to park the Kalitta Air airplanes which will be working under contract with FedEx during the heavy Christmas shipping season. The ramp can be doubled by adding another 750,000 square feet as needed in future phases.

Cargo Central's build-to-suit offering is a perfect compliment to the airport's cargo handling expertise.

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