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June/July 2006

Changing Currency: Money Tips for International Travelers

June 21st officially marks the start of summer. As the days grow longer and warmer, people start preparing their checklist for summer vacations. One item that all international travelers need to prepare for is foreign currency. Foreign money can be a confusing part of your vacation but Memphis International Airport is here to help. The International Business Service Center / Travelex kiosk located in the terminal B ticket lobby has accumulated some helpful tips over the years concerning money and travel.

  • Avoid the need to find foreign currency abroad; ensure you have enough before you go.
  • Familiarize yourself with the denominations and values of the currency you will be using.
  • Using credit cards abroad may incur service fees in addition to exchange rates that are not known at the time of purchase.
  • Use any coins you acquire while traveling in their country of origin as most bureaus will refuse to accept them.
  • Familiarize yourself with any exchange regulations in countries you will visit.
  • Purchase all of the foreign currency you need before you go in order to avoid line-ups and multiple service charges.

In addition to offering more than 100 currencies, International Business Service Center / Travelex offers travelers cheques, travel insurance, phone cards and other items to help make your trip a pleasant one.

International Business Service Center / Travelex will purchase any banknotes left over at the end of your trip at the same exchange rate for which you bought them. For a nominal fee, the Buy Back Plus Program lets you avoid the need for exchange bureaus on your travels and protects you when exchange rates fluctuate. This extra protection must be completed within 31 days of the original transaction and at the same location.

For additional questions about converting money into foreign currency please contact International Business Service Center / Travelex at Memphis International Airport by calling 901-922-8090.

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