Memphis International Airport Notes

August/September 2006

Memphis International Airport Becomes a September Pin-up

Memphis International Airport's main lobby is the photo feature for the month of September in Holophane Lighting Company's 2006 Calendar.

The airport recently completed the replacement of 1960's era lighting fixtures in the Airport's ticket lobbies with new fixtures that update the appearance of the lobby and improve the working environment.

According to the Airport's electrical supervisor, Ginnie Myers, the lighting levels in the ticket lobbies have increased from between 5 9 foot candles to 25 foot candles with the new fixtures. This brings the light levels in the ticket lobbies up to those consistent to current standards for public transportation facilities.

"Using the new Illuminaire fixtures allowed us to preserve the architectural integrity of the lobbies while keeping the project within budget and significantly reducing energy costs," said Myers.

The fixtures are controlled by a programmable system to turn off and on at the appropriate times.

In 2007, the Airport is planning to start the process of upgrading the overall lighting levels in the Baggage Claim lobbies and at the Passenger Screening areas by installing new ceiling fixtures and bulbs.

This photo of the Airport's new lighting was Holophane Company's September calendar feature. The new lighting provides higher and more uniform illumination while producing notable energy savings. | Click here to unsubscribe.
Memphis International Airport 2491 Winchester Road, Suite 113 Memphis, TN 38116-3856
2006 Memphis International Airport