Memphis International Airport Notes

August/September 2006

Northwest Adds New, More Comfortable A330 Aircraft to its Fleet in Memphis

In October, Northwest will be replacing its older DC-10 aircraft with the new ultra-modern A330 on the route from Memphis to Amsterdam. This is the first regularly scheduled A330 aircraft to fly from Memphis International Airport. The A330 will provide greater capacity, greater dependability, more advanced technology, a 30 percent reduction in operating costs, a 30 percent reduction in fuel costs and more customer benefits than the DC-10.

The new in-flight entertainment system (IFE) on the A330 uses the latest in on-board technology, yet is refreshingly simple to operate. It's completely automated based on data input by the Purser at the beginning of the flight and raises the bar in on-board entertainment for our customers.

The IFE has an expansive selection of programming and will keep passengers entertained on the trans-Atlantic flight to Amsterdam. Video-on-demand allows customers to select what they want to watch and when they want to watch it. It allows them to pause, rewind, fast-forward or replay a program.

World business class passengers will have 10.4 inch individual monitors with touch screen monitors and can relax in "lie flat" chairs. The main cabin passengers have 6.5 inch individual monitors controlled by individual handsets. Passengers will have numerous movie choices and in-flight video games can be enjoyed by customers of all ages. Some of the games are multi-player so passengers can play against other people on the same flight.

Other in-flight amenities include:

  • A jukebox feature and extensive list of audio channels allow customers to create their own personal play list to enjoy throughout the flight.
  • iXplor, a moving map program, shows the aircraft's current location and status of the flight.
  • Flight Store allows customers to shop online for home delivery using a credit card reader on their IFE handset.
  • Onboard surveys available on the interactive system solicit customer feedback on a variety of travel topics.
  • Customers can send email messages or SMS text messages to people on the ground without ever leaving their seat.
  • Navigation instructions in Chinese, English, French, German and Japanese make the entire system easy to use.

Passengers will find the A330 a more comfortable, spacious plane to travel in than the DC-10 which offered little in the way of passenger amenities and entertainment. Travelers on the new A330 to Amsterdam can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.


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