Memphis International Airport Notes

December 2005

2005 Year In Review

2005 was another busy but successful year for Memphis International Airport. Its highlights include progress on the relocation of the Tennessee Air National Guard, results from a new airport economic impact study, an improved airport satisfaction ranking from J.D. Powers & Associates and recognition for airport leadership.

Plans are moving forward on the 2004 decision to relocate the Tennessee Air National Guard (TANG) from the north side of the airport to the southeast corner. Contracts were awarded to Alberici Constructors for the design and construction of the new aircraft hangers and to Flintco for the construction of the administrative building.

A new economic impact study conducted by the Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research Center for Manpower Studies at the University of Memphis showed that Memphis International Airport has a $20.7 billion impact on the Memphis area. The airport's impact on the region is not just measured financially but also in jobs. According to the study, 166,000 jobs are generated by the airport, representing more than one in four jobs in the Memphis area. Memphis International Airport not only positively impacts the region but also its customers. In a recent poll, J.D. Powers & Associates ranked Memphis 8th out of 34 medium-sized airports and first among the Northwest Airline hub airports for overall airport satisfaction.

Rounding out the year, high-flier Larry Cox, president and CEO of Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame. The Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame was established to recognize, honor and enshrine individuals whose leadership in or for aviation has made an enduring contribution to aviation in Tennessee, nationally or globally.

Larry Cox

Larry Cox - President & CEO
Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority
Memphis International Airport 2491 Winchester Road, Suite 113 Memphis, TN 38116-3856
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